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 Driver Dashboard technology provides Wreford’s with greater control of vehicle and driver performance



Wreford’s Transport, the Northamptonshire based haulage, distribution and warehousing group, reports significant fuel savings and improved driver performance during the first 12 months use of Driver Dashboard – an in-cab telematics monitoring and communication system, designed and supplied by Verilocation Tracking Solutions.   With around 150 drivers and 100 vehicles on the road, including 17 and 26 tonne rigids, Euroliner curtainsiders, box trailers, skeletal and super cube trailers ,  Wreford’s  provide full load, groupage and multi-drop services throughout the UK and Europe.


“With such a large and diverse fleet”,  explains Director Andy Wreford, “and with literally hundreds of ever-changing delivery schedules to manage, we realised the need for a system which could provide closer monitoring and control of driver and vehicle performance.“To this end, we selected the Driver Dashboard solution from Verilocation and find it to be an invaluable tool – not only to help with ongoing driver training and improvement, but also to keep us abreast of any vehicle problems as they might occur.”


Accordingly, the Driver Dashboard will automatically connect the vehicle’s on-board CANbus system with the traffic office to inform about impaired vehicle performance as soon as it occurs. This enables Wreford’s to take corrective action before any serious damage or loss occurs.


“Just recently,” says Andy Wreford, “we received updates from the Driver Dashboard to let us know that a particular driver appeared to be driving in an erratic manner and that the  fuel consumption was high. It transpired that the vehicle was to blame, owing to a split intercooler, which was causing power loss. Once rectified, we immediately improved fuel consumption by 18 litres per day. Had we not had the device in operation, who knows how long the problem would have remained undetected?”


Working in tandem with Wreford’s long-running GPS vehicle tracking and route optimisation, also supplied by Verilocation, the Driver Dashboard enables Wreford’sDriver Trainer, Vincent Stone to closely manage individual driver training programmes to great effect.


“The system gives drivers the chance to monitor their own a.m. and p.m. ‘scores’. For example, harsh braking, acceleration, over-torquing , over revving and idling – all these things are constantly monitored, which allows us to look at the history and to make adjustments where necessary. This not only saves on fuel, but achieves ‘passive safety’.By this,” explains Vincent,“ I mean that when a driver is more alert, and concentrating on the job in hand, he often will be less tired or prone to distraction. It is a subtle feature but an enormous benefit.”


Furthermore, the Driver Dashboard, provides constant real-time feedback including, mandatory vehicle checks, tacho analysis, ePOD, two-way messaging and’job-push’. The integrated SatNav also enables drivers to receive and accept preset routes and amendments without interruption to their delivery schedule.


“It really is a superb device.” concludes Andy Wreford, “Easy to use and now, an integral part of our operation. The Verilocation team look after any technical issues and are always available should we need them”



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