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Movianto see increased fleet efficiency in just four months since implementing tracking and telematics solution from Verilocation


Movianto, the pharmaceutical and medical supplies specialist division of Owens and Minor International, has installed a telematics fleet control package to 305 vehicles and trailers which, says the company, has improved overall fleet efficiency in just four months.

Supplied and installed by Verilocation tracking solutions the system comprises CANbus telematics, trailer tracking, temperature monitoring and the latest in 3G in-cab camera surveillance.

“We evaluated the options on the market and undertook various trials and tests during the early summer” says Movianto’s Central Support Manager, Penelope Pullen. “Our objective was to find a telematics solution which could provide a comprehensive range of easily retrievable vehicle data, while facilitating remote access from any of our 10 locations nationwide. Furthermore, our aim is to enable our customers to share the same information as us, so they can access real-time data regarding the status and location of any consignment.”

Given the high value of the pharmaceuticals carried by Movianto, the company requires accurate load temperature monitoring in real time. This enables Movianto to check every load during transit and to keep an audit to verify correct temperatures at each stage of the cold chain. Additionally, the online system also shows when doors are opened and closed.

Movianto operate around 300 temperature controlled vehicles – from 3.5 tonnes vans to multi temperature double-deck articulated trailers – which are required to operate within strict temperature parameters. The monitoring system provided by Verilocation not only sends instantaneous SMS and email alerts if a temperature set point is breached but also lets the traffic office know when deliveries have been made. All information is then securely stored for review as and when needed.

Furthermore, the trailers are fitted with Verilocation’s highly robust GPS trailer- tracking units which enables full visibility of the fleet 24 hours a day and ensures Movianto keeps tabs on each valuable asset.

“The CANbus system also allows us to monitor individual driver performance,” adds Penelope, “this is useful when conducting assessments because the driver can also see exactly where improvements might be needed. It’s a handy tool for keeping everyone positive about the way they drive. We can match actual vehicle data against each schedule using Verilocation’s comprehensive Driver Behaviour reports and we even operate a driver of the week scheme.”

Movianto has also invested in 3G in-cab camera technology and has already seen the benefits:

“We expect to see a number of advantages from this system” says Penelope. “First of all, by referencing the camera’s live feed information – such as vehicle speed, impact force and braking – we are able to reduce the time and cost involved when settling road traffic accidents. Moreover, the vehicle performance data is streamed online for immediate analysis, meaning that we can quickly deal with FNOL (first notification of loss) scenarios.”

The company also expects to see a reduction in insurance premiums and is using the system to assist with regular driver training.

“Overall we are delighted with the telematics package supplied by Verilocation.” concludes Penelope Pullen. “Our operation depends on the fast and accurate retrieval of reliable information and in this regard we have definitely put a tick in each box. Plus, Verilocation provide a rapid response to any enquiries we have and their technical support team are always on the ball when we need them.”

Movianto Group has expanded rapidly over the last few years. More than 1,900 Movianto ‘teammates’ manage over 275,000 pallet locations spread over a network of 20 wholly owned warehouses in 11 European countries. They provide a full range of innovative logistics and distribution services to store and deliver the goods for the healthcare industry.

Today the Movianto Group covers four regions in Europe: West (UK & Ireland), North (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Iceland, Finland and the Baltic), East (Central Eastern Europe) and South (France, Iberia).

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