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It’s pretty impressive how far telematics technology has advanced in the past 10 years, in terms of both capability and hardware developments. As customers push for greater capabilities at lower prices, telematics companies must innovate to keep up with the demand. Here at Verilocation, we pride ourselves on always staying one-step ahead of the competition, making fast-paced, customer-centric software developments from our Northamptonshire based HQ. Our latest one-box-solution, TachoCONTROL, is no exception to this.


One-Box Solution


Released at the beginning of August this year, this compact (but by no means lacking) device, offers the complete fleet package. With inbuilt GPS tracking, CANbus driver performance monitoring, integrated digital Tachograph recognition and remote download capabilities, TachoCONTROL can provide fleets with a simple, low cost fleet management solution.

James Littlechild, GPS Sales Manager for Verilocation explained: “The ability to contain everything in one box not only lowers hardware costs for our customers but it also simplifies both the installation and fault finding process. With the functionality offered from this new device, you would have needed at least 3 separate pieces of hardware before. If something stopped working it would have been a process of elimination to find which device was causing the problem. With just one box, you just simply replace it with our warranty promise.”


Remote Digital Tachograph Download Functionality


Any haulier is well aware of the logistical and administrative nightmare associated with recalling vehicles and drivers back to base every few weeks in order to manually collect the tachograph data. This monthly ritual can take up to 2 man days per vehicle per year, and that’s before you even work out the time and fuel wasted from having to divert the vehicles back to base when they could be sent out on other jobs.

The remote download capability included in our latest device eliminates the need for any more manual downloading; wireless transfer of all digital tachograph data is sent direct via the telematics unit straight to your preferred tacho analysis company and our web based tracking interface for reporting purposes. With the ability to pre-schedule these wireless downloads, you can pre-programme them to automatically download the VU and driver card as often as you like no matter where the vehicle is.

This unit also enables live updates on tacho status and remaining driving hours to be viewed from the web based tracking interface allowing you to see exactly how many driving hours your drivers have left for that day or week. Littlechild said: “We are always looking to find ways to offer our customers greater insights into their daily fleet operations. TachoCONTROL with Remote Digital Tachograph Download not only enables them to see significant ROI from the savings made from reduced administration and operational costs, but the live tacho updates also ensures they remain compliant with strict industry VOSA and working time legislations at all times.”

“Since it’s release in August we have already implemented several successful trials, all of which have now been rolled out fleet-wide. The appeal of a fully comprehensive telematics system housed within just one piece of low-cost hardware is not surprisingly a tempting offer to fleets both large and small.”

To find out more on TachoCONTROL, contact one of the team on 01604 859854 or email in to [email protected]

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