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Earlier this year we rebranded our breathalyser solution from Alcolock GB to Breathalock. Since then, we have been busy in the background giving the website a facelift! The initial rebrand came as we wanted to give the alcohol interlock device its own distinctive branding. Also, it was important for the branding to align with our other solutions.

Although they are separate products, they work cohesively together under one platform. As part of our one-stop-shop offering to the transport industry to elevate safety and efficiency. As well as improving the overall look and branding, the new website provides clarity on our product and is easier to navigate.


The hardware we offer is called the CX-TAB. Reliability, quality, and accuracy from the device is incredibly important, as driving under the influence can have serious, and very real consequences. For both individuals, and their employers. Configurable with our other solutions, the CX-TAB device combines the hardware functionality of a breathalyser, with our online telematics. This way, everything fleet management related can be found in one place.

Available as either a tethered, or portable device, the CX-TAB can be installed in most vehicles. Including HGVs, coaches, cars and LGVs. You could even fit one in a tractor if your business called for it! Other benefits of the CX-TAB include:

  • Tamper-proof technology, to protect from false readings.
  • Configurable thresholds. So, the device works around your company policy, be it zero tolerance, or the legal driving limit.
  • Driver identification so you have full visibility and historical data of breath samples for future reporting.

How does the device work?

The CX-TAB is hardwired into the vehicle’s ignition system and requires drivers to blow a breath sample into the device. If they get a pass result, the technology will allow them to start up the vehicle and get on with their journey. If they fail, the engine will be immobilised. Also, an alert will be sent to the fleet operator via an email or SMS.

The CX-TAB features Electronic Counter Circumvention Measures (ECCM). This means it can tell the difference between a mechanically simulated breath sample, and a human one (accurate by +/- 0.005% BrAC). Furthermore, the technology is integrated with our driver-facing cameras to validate who provided the breath sample.

When integrated with our other telematics you gain valuable insight into what is happening out on the road with your team. It also adds an extra layer to your driver performance data, highlighting when you need to step in or have a debrief with a driver. Furthermore, preventing anyone in your team from getting behind the wheel with alcohol in their system can save lives, prevent accidents, and protect your company’s reputation.

Right now, we are offering a 1-month free trial, so you can try and test the benefits of Breathalock before you commit.

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