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Following the recent implementation of the Verilocation Trailer Tracking Solution, East Anglian based warehouse and logistics provider, Knowles Transport, has seen an instant increase in fleet productivity across their 160 trailer fleet.


A third-generation, family owned and operated supply chain service, Knowles transport has been providing warehousing and logistical solutions for over 85 years. Priding themselves on their flexibility and continuous strive for improvement, Knowles sought a modernised approach to improving their fleet operations.

Simon Woodward, Operations Director for Knowles Transport commented, “The Verilocation Trailer Tracking solution gives us instant visibility of where all our many assets are at any time. Prior to implementing the system, we knew we weren’t operating at optimum efficiency, with trailers sometimes stood for longer than necessary. Now, I can login to the Verilocation Fleet Control portal and see straight away what trailers are available and ensure that every asset is being used to its maximum potential.”

Working with the largest producers and retailers in the UK means customer service is an important part of the company’s work ethos.

Simon continued, “Having a system that is robust enough to manage the daily details, yet flexible enough for last-minute adjustments gives the team the tools to quickly identify any potential issues and notify our customers before it becomes a problem.”

With no previous system in place, adoption of the Verilocation Trailer Tracking system has resulted in instant operational improvements for the transport and warehouse team. 24/7 fleet visibility has enabled Knowles Transport to boost productivity, as well as locate trailers and plan services to ensure maximum fleet utilisation and total compliance.

Andrew Overton, Group CEO said, “The Verilocation Trailer Tracking solution gives fleet operators total visibility of their fleet in real-time, allowing them to effectively see where efficiency improvements can be made and rectify any issues as and when they happen. We are proud to align ourselves forward-thinking fleets, such as Knowles Transport, who recognise that deploying the latest in telematics technology can make impactful improvements across all areas of their day-to-day fleet operations.”

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