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Verilocation, part of the Isotrak Group, a leading provider of technology enabled fleet management and telematics solutions, is to support Hanson Asphalt and Contracting, part of Hanson UK, in their drive to improve resource utilisation and driver safety.

After exploring different options in the market place, Hanson opted to invest in Verilocation’s full telematics suite, including real-time vehicle tracking, driver and vehicle performance monitoring, remote tachograph download and forward facing 3G cameras. As a result of these system implementations, Hanson Asphalt and Contracting has already successfully increased fleet efficiency, while also reducing mileage and fuel usage through greater fleet visibility.

Darren Watret, National Asset Manager at Hanson Contracting explains:


“Weather plays a huge part in how we deliver our service. For the safety of our workforce and the public we cannot lay hot asphalt if we get caught in heavy rain. Verilocation therefore supports the process of re-allocating Hanson Asphalt and Contracting’s services, making sure driver time and fuel is utilised as efficiently as possible at all times.”
Hanson truck with Verilocation tracking

Verilocation has also helped Hanson Asphalt and Contracting with accident prevention and driver protection. By installing 3G cameras alongside Verilocation’s driver behaviour monitoring technology, the business now has instant remote access to footage and driver behaviour data of any recorded incidents. Not only does this aid in providing FNOL to their insurers, but the data captured from both the cameras and the telematics devices enables bespoke driver feedback and retraining if needed.

“The ability to score drivers on their day-to-day driving ability gives us great results”
“This solution teaches our drivers how to improve their own safety when behind the wheel, as well as the safety of others on the road, whilst minimising idling and increasing fuel efficiency.”
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