Connexas Group have been acquired by european leader AddSecure.

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In the current climate and the uncertainty around COVID 19, the news of Connexas becoming part of the AddSecure Group, is welcome relief and testament to the underlying health and strength of one of the UK’s premier telematics businesses.

It shows Europe is still willing to invest in UK businesses despite the fears around Brexit; businesses with global reach are safe environments in uncertain times and can look to long term growth and profitability as the technology transcends borders.

Not just a telematics business

Our journey started 20 years ago. The business was built from the ground up, and along the way welcomed, VerilocationAlcolock GB (now Breathalock) and Seven Telematics (now Transcan) to offer the very best in tracking, job scheduling, alcohol interlock devices, cameras, tacho, and temperature monitoring solutions.

Although our humble beginnings are in telematics, being acquired by AddSecure has turned us officially into a smart technology business able to stand its ground and compete at a worldwide level, and we are excited by the opportunities the next few years will bring.

Who are AddSecure?

For those who are unfamiliar, AddSecure is a global company providing market-leading IoT solutions. They have several business verticals targeting different markets. However, there is a lot of crossover in terms of the challenges they solve and what the solutions can do. The different business units include:

Secure Critical Communications

Secure critical communications and data is the basis of AddSecure’s business. The secured, smart and reliable solutions are vital for life and business-critical applications. They help to save lives, protect property and vital societal functions, and drive business operations by monitoring communications between alarm systems. Their solutions make it easy for connected devices (IoT) to securely communicate with each other.

Smart Transport

This is the business vertical Connexas and RTL fall into, where the solutions help transport and logistics companies to be more sustainable, efficient, and safe. The solutions enable data-driven improvements in profitability. They also provide business intelligence and analytics to enable superior customer service and operational efficiency.

Smart Alarms

Monitored alarm solutions to provide secure and monitored communications when it is needed most. Reliability is an integral part of every alarm system, ensuring alarms safely reach the right recipient every time.

Smart Care

The solutions and support services combine human care with reliable and safe technology. Providing safe, reliable care and independent living for elderly and people with memory disorders.

Smart Grids

These solutions support those looking to digitize their power distribution grid to achieve smart, efficient, safe, and secure operations.

Smart Rescue

In emergency response, every second counts. The Smart Rescue solutions make sure local rescue teams and emergency services can respond properly and quickly. Like the Smart Alarms and Smart Care verticals, this is achieved with quick, secure, and reliable device communications and connectivity.

AddSecure is majority-owned by Funds managed by Castik Capital, a European private equity fund with a long-term approach to value creation, founded in 2014.

What does the acquisition mean for customers and suppliers?

We have received several enquiries from customers and suppliers looking to understand what immediate changes the acquisition will bring to the business. From an operational standpoint, everything will remain as it currently is, and there will be no disruptions to our services or changes to our product offering.

Being a part of the AddSecure Group means a wider range of connected products and services will become available to our UK customers, as well as a new network of support. We are very excited and confident that our customer base will benefit, as something Connexas and AddSecure aligns on is company goals and ethos. Both providing technical solutions that will make the world a safer and smarter place.

In the long term, roadmaps and product development plans between Connexas and AddSecure will align to leverage each other’s portfolios and know-how. There are already several opportunities being evaluated, that hopefully come to fruition in the coming months.

What’s next for the business?

Being part of a much larger company not only provides us with better resources and an opportunity to become more competitive, but it also allows us to supercharge our internal research & development and puts us on the map as a UK innovation hub.

From everything outlined above, it’s clear our goal of creating a single-box solution with the full suite of services transport business need hasn’t changed. Joining a business already providing smart transport solutions across Europe was simply the next logical step necessary to accelerate our growth.

Connexas has operations in North America and Australia but not mainland Europe, so the strategic decision to fill this gap was logical. Many of our customers in the UK are European in structure, so now we can offer offices, staff, and resources in their other markets. These discussions with these customers are happening right now.

We will gradually rebrand Connexas, so our logos and company name will slowly change to match the AddSecure brand. This is an essential part of the process, to ensure our customers and the industry know we are connected companies a part of the same group, with the same mission and interests.

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