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For companies who have invested in tracking, our hope is that the system will become integrated into everyday operations. We are always banging the drum about the benefits of vehicle tracking. Specifically, that it can give companies eye-opening data on their fleet efficiency. To begin with, the feedback can feel overwhelming. Especially if you have a large fleet of vehicles. You might think, ‘how will these stats and facts ever translate into real change.’

We have discussed previously the process of introducing telematics to your team. From setting a benchmark, creating achievable targets, and keeping your team engaged with the system. However, when you are beyond this stage, there are some features within our Driver Dashboard app that will help to keep your team on track.

Our highly configurable Driver Dashboard is an all-in-one fleet management application, compatible with androids. Created for drivers on shift, here you will find driver performance ratings, job schedules, and more! Below are some of the Driver Dashboard’s main features. Getting familiar with the app and using it to its full potential will support drivers to manage their day and keep inefficiencies down.



The Driver Dashboard

When your vehicle or performance tracking is set up, you will have your own log in details to the system. To connect with your drivers, they simply need to download the app, and type in their own login details. You, and their vehicle, will then be automatically connected. We want drivers to feel confident using the software. Thus, we have made every effort to ensure our Driver Dashboard is clear, and straight forward to use.

Also, if the system is to become a part of your everyday operations as we hope, it needs to be easy to navigate around. Therefore, everything is clearly displayed when you log on. From here, drivers can review job schedules and updates, messages, vehicle checks, and more. Furthermore, the integrated satellite navigation and real-time driver behaviour CANbus feedback allow you to communicate directly with your drivers.

Vehicle Specific Checks

With the help of the dashboard, drivers can stay alert to everything that plays into fleet efficiency. One of which, is keeping your vehicles in tip-top condition. Regardless of the vehicle type – a small van, an HGV, or trailer – the driver dashboard records and saves all daily checks.

The stress and difficulties of ensuring your fleet stays compliant is totally removed. Our vehicle checks are aligned with DVSA requirements, so every check has a timestamp, along with the driver’s signature. Also, should a driver record a fault or defect, they can upload an image to their report.

Job Dispatch

Via the app, your team can access their delegated jobs. The data from your fleet’s trackers update live, so you are always up to date with where your drivers are and what job they are currently working on from the main system.

A key benefit of the job dispatch module is optimizing your fleet’s working day, ensuring the team is working as efficiently as possible. Also, via the app drivers can submit job status updates on whether a job is completed, accepted, or started. Allowing drivers to be proactive with customer service, and act quickly should an issue occur. Plus, the two-way messaging feature between head office and the drivers makes it simple to change plans or divert drivers.

Integrated Navigation

One of the best things about our solutions is how they work together as an all-in-one solution. The intention is for drivers to have all the information they need in one place. From job schedules to feedback, to where they are going next!

Integrated navigation across all our solutions keeps things simple and removes headaches for your drivers. No more switching from this device to that device, one screen to tell you where to go, with another telling you where you are needed next.

From the Driver Dashboard, a driver can look at their jobs for the day, then hop onto Google maps, and they are away. Also, for HGV specific routing, our integrated Co-pilot navigation partner is on hand. The transport team can also consult the navigation for live ETA’s via the TMS platform, and let the customer know when they’ll be arriving.


Live Performance Feedback

If an incident alert is triggered, drivers can immediately understand what driving behaviour has caused the alert. Giving regular feedback is a great way to keep good driving practices at the top of your team’s priority list. Also, it encourages your team to self-assess and be mindful of how they are driving.

Correct unsafe driving styles before they become habits with instant in-cab training. The app’s live performance feedback helps with this, by showing real-time driver performance feedback whilst they are out on the road.

Finally, when the Driver Dashboard has been in use for the day, your drivers can receive an automatic end-of-shift debrief report. This way, they have a clear idea of exactly what makes for an efficient, or inefficient shift behind the wheel. Subtle changes can make all the difference when it comes to saving fuel, CO2, and money!

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