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In 2020 the United Kingdom has seen online shopping skyrocket. Many now rely on online stores and supermarket deliveries to get their essential items, rather than putting themselves at risk. While society remains socially distant, most of us are now familiar with deliveries or takeaways being placed on the doorstep, rather than handed directly to us.

The sudden spike in demand has seen many people pick up delivery work for an extra income. While HGV drivers have had their Hours of Service restrictions temporarily lifted to keep the supply chain flowing. Truly, the transport, haulage, and logistics industries are working harder than ever to keep our shelves stocked. However, with the pandemic still present, transport and delivery companies have had to adapt and address their valid employee and customer safety concerns.

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What is ePOD?

For several years now, Connexas has optimized and elevated its Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) solution for the market. An important tool for drivers and remote workers at the final stage of the supply chain, ePOD allows deliveries to proceed paperless. Particularly in recent months, the whole world has seen the benefit, and indeed the need for a digital delivery management application.

Compatible with tracking and telematics as an additional module, or as a standalone product, ePOD has been developed with delivery drivers in-mind. Falling under the Isotrak job management platform, ePOD creates a line of connection between drivers on the road and their HQ. The ePOD solution collates the information drivers need, while simultaneously capturing proof-of-delivery and producing an instant record.


From a device drivers can use ‘Driver Connect’ from which they have access to their delivery schedules and details. The all-in-one app is easy to use, reliable, and incredibly useful. With ePOD, companies can benefit from increased mobile workforce productivity and enhanced customer service. But most importantly in times like these, the reassurance that they can complete their work safely, without ever putting themselves, or their customer at risk.

The App for Delivery Drivers

Our goal with ePOD is to remove as much stress and hassle from the working day of delivery drivers as possible. While elevating their operations to be smarter, and safer. This includes:

  • Gathering digital proof of delivery or collection signatures
  • Conducting vehicle checks in line with DVSA guidelines
  • Two-way messaging between drivers and HQ
  • Completing deliveries correctly, and on time.

Often, the reason for these challenges is a lack of information. With ePOD, drivers can access all the required information from one place. As a fleet operator or manager, bespoke workflows for your team will ensure your fleet is operating efficiently. Once created, dispatch your workflows to the Driver Connect app with step-by-step instructions for each delivery. The workflows look and work like a timetable, with the full job details needed by your drivers included.

While out on the road, ePOD allows drivers to keep on top of their deliveries for the day and gives them visibility of what job is next. Real-time job status tracking additionally keeps fleet operators informed of how their fleet is progressing. Also, equipping your team with ePOD and Driver Connect ensures information capture is quick, easy, and contactless. With proof of delivery or collection instantly recorded on the system.


Integrated Navigation

As well as simplifying drop-offs and deliveries, Driver Connect has a range of other benefits. For example, the system has integrated navigation, so drivers only need to work with one device throughout their day. Additionally, for those working in transport and haulage, we have partnered with CoPilot to bring you navigation software with HGV and LGV specific routing. So, rest assured that your drivers take the quickest and most direct, but safest route for their vehicle.

Naturally, the vehicle’s navigation and tracking are connected to the main system. From there, fleet operators have real-time job visibility of their team. The live updates give companies the opportunity to be proactive with customer service, as they will be aware of potential problems or late deliveries.

Monitor Plan VS Actual

Since there has been such a shift in the way we work since the outbreak of Covid-19, monitoring your plan vs actual may be more important than ever. From takeaway deliveries in small vans to 17-ton lorries full of medicine, every aspect of transport has had to adapt. With ePOD in use, you can review how these drastic changes have really impacted your team, and where appropriate, adjust, so everyone can work to their full potential.

For example, if your company has had a huge shakeup in everyday practices, or you have taken on several new staff members, now may be the best time to set some new KPI’s. Reflective, and considerate of the new and unique situation everyone is in.

Exception Reporting


In any business, mistakes can happen, and things can be misplaced or broken. However, to keep your customer happy should anything go wrong, the Exception Reporting feature is on hand to help. Through exception reporting, you can be proactive in your customer service. Real-time reporting means you can start damage control as soon as you see the notification from ePOD. Managing an issue, before it becomes a big problem. Also, you can create bespoke reason and alert codes specific to your business, and your different jobs.

Job progress tracking also gives fleet operators an extra layer of insight into what stage of their deliveries the fleet is at. So, if you need to, you can let a customer know precisely how far away their delivery is. Or, you can let customers know in advance that there may be a delay. With exception reporting, you can additionally capture stock shortages or damages, with the Driver Connect app’s built-in scanner.

 Extra Information for Drivers

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, delivery companies of all types and scales have been flooded with new customers. Many of which shouldn’t risk a trip to the supermarket and so online deliveries have become an essential service for them. Also, being stuck inside has led to many starting new hobbies, and indulge in retail therapy. In short, the world has adapted, with companies now responsible for protecting their employees and customers on a day-to-day basis.

With ePOD, customers can use symbols and images to provide their drivers with extra, crucial information. For example, they can attach a ‘Shielded customer‘ or ‘Face mask must be worn‘ symbol to their delivery information. For the driver, they now know what extra precautions they must take when making a delivery. Keeping themselves, and their customer protected.

CleanSlate from Peak Ryzex

Another innovative technology you should be aware of is the CleanSlate UV mobile sanitation device from Peak Ryzex. CleanSlate is a hospital-grade UV light sanitizer, designed for phones and tablets. We’re all aware of how dirty our phones become, so for delivery drivers, this is an ideal solution to ensure their work device remains clean. Reducing the risk of transmission from the device to the driver.

CleanSlate UV came about in 2014 as a solution for maintaining mobile device hygiene in healthcare, food, and biotech facilities. The CleanSlate UV sanitizer ensures its user’s devices are quickly sanitized in just 20 seconds. Although this device was originally developed for healthcare environments, CleanSlate is now used globally and is applicable to any industry that uses touch screen devices. So you can provide your drivers with extra reassurance that they have reliable equipment present to keep them as safe and healthy as possible.

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