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In times of intense demand and high pressure, it pays to have reliable fleet management procedures and systems. However, we can all get caught in the day-to-day, and sometimes effective job planning falls by the wayside.

Also, it is difficult to fully utilise your resources when you do not have visibility of your team, vehicles, and upcoming jobs. Moreover, job management systems can easily become chaotic, especially with a large fleet of hundreds of vehicles.

Transport management system software gives you is the ability to organise, plan, and strategise your fleet’s jobs with ease. Allowing you to breeze through busy periods, even if your resources and time availability are stretched.

What is a Transport Management System (TMS)?

A transport management system is essentially job planning software, or a digital planner, displaying:

  • Drivers currently on shift, their status, and working hours
  • Fleet GPS tracking and vehicle usage data
  • Jobs completed and, in the pipeline
  • Live updates on fleet progress

From a reliable commercial fleet management system, transport managers gain confidence that their fleet is operating at optimal efficiency. While gaining access to detailed and accurate vehicle tracking, and job progress updates.

Accessing the fleet management tools you need from one company or supplier is also beneficial. Only one platform to interact with for everything vehicle fleet management related is far more manageable. Because of this, we offer an all-in-one solution.

Ensure your planning & distribution process is slick and effective

Having all the information you need displayed in a digestible way means you can easily distribute work to your team. Ensuring your resources are efficiently allocated and properly organised. The result? You make the most of current demand and maximise profits.

Our transport management solution is designed as a white-board scheduling system. So, you can quickly create routes and distribute workflows to your fleet. The scheduling functionality allows you to plan jobs up to a week in advance, so you can ensure your fleet is utilised to its full potential.

If you need to make any changes to your workflows, amendments will be automatically sent to your team via the driver dashboard app. Therefore, should any unforeseen issues occur, you can communicate clearly and quickly implement changes.

Run an economical and carbon-efficient fleet

Keeping fuel usage and spend to a minimum is on every fleet manager’s mind. Companies in haulage or the transport and logistics sector can spend tens of thousands of pounds on fuel every month. Using hundreds of liters every day. The impact on company outgoings and the environment can be colossal.

One benefit of using a transport management system to plan your jobs is the amount of time, money, and carbon emissions you can save. This is achieved by ensuring your team only use the necessary amount of fuel throughout the day, while hitting the maximum number of jobs.

Transport management software allows you to quickly create multi-location routes for your team and see that the maximum number of jobs are completed. Google maps and address search are integrated with the system, so planning routes is simplified. Also, the route optimiser feature reorders and sends drivers on the most efficient route.

Maintain high levels of customer service and satisfaction

Clearly communicating with your drivers can prevent and resolve potential problems within your business. TMS software can help you to anticipate issues, giving you an opportunity to redirect your team.

Making these necessary adjustments within your team can see your customer service levels improve. Send updated workflows or job requests to your drivers, or communicate through the driver dashboard app. Therefore, avoiding costly, time-consuming mistakes.

Furthermore, monitoring the live status updates on your fleet’s progress means you can relay accurate ETAs to your customers. Ensuring communication with your customers, service levels, and customer satisfaction remains high quality.

Review your processes and plan adherence

Finding time to properly review fleet performance can be challenging. However, it is an essential exercise to fully understand how to optimise your fleet’s performance. Job planning and fleet management becomes increasingly effective as TMS software saves and collates data from your fleet’s working day into customisable reports.

For example, end-of-shift debriefs not only give individual drivers an overview of how they have performed in terms of efficiency and plan adherence. It also allows transport and fleet managers to identify areas for improvement.

Patterns of inefficient driving or deviations from the allocated route plan can emerge, giving managers the ability to provide data-driven feedback. The GANTT style reporting produces a breakdown of arrival times. So should a driver have an issue with timekeeping, for example, managers can review where, and why it is happening.

Overall, a well organised team and proper planning will result in a better performing fleet. Saving you time, money, resources, and delivering a quick ROI. A transport management system gives companies the necessary tools to deliver this, fine-tuning their job management and identifying inefficiencies.

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