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Parcel delivery and courier companies will be working flat out this festive period. With an increased number of us turning to online shopping to secure or Christmas presents and order festive food, the pressure is on.

However, after the hit to revenue many companies have experienced during 2020, this final boom is extremely necessary. Although daunting, many are raring to go and ready to rise to the challenge.

The key challenges to overcome before December 25th are:

  1. Dealing with time pressures
  2. Working efficiently and smartly
  3. Fully utilizing the fleet to maximize revenue

With a telematics solution, companies can optimize their job planning and routes to save time, iron out inefficiencies, and work as one cohesive team.

Journey Planning

Journey planning ensures your team takes the most optimum route during their day of deliveries. It also means you can plan ahead with jobs and get as much done in a day as possible. To achieve this simply input all the stops a driver needs to make and allow the system to produce the most efficient routes.

This way, you know your team only travel as far as they need to. So, you can conserve fuel to save money and reduce your carbon emissions. Furthermore, you may find you can fit more jobs into a week as you will be saving time taking inefficient routes.

ePOD (Electronic Proof of Delivery)

ePOD is an all-in-one fleet management application, ideal for mobile workforces out on the road. It brings everything a driver needs throughout the day into one place. It is a great tool for ensuring your fleet runs in an organised and efficient manner.

As a standalone product or alongside tracking and telematics as an additional module, ePOD has been developed with delivery drivers in-mind. Under the Isotrak job management platform, ePOD connects drivers with HQ and their customers. ePOD gathers a digital paper and proof-of-delivery. Therefore, the risk of information becoming lost is greatly reduced. For more details on ePOD click here.

TMS (Transport Management System)

Having a transport management system solution allows you to take full advantage of busy periods. For many industries and companies, the final month of the year is that last push to get in some revenue.

A TMS system allows you to fully utilize your fleet through a whiteboard-style scheduling system. Here you can see what percentage of your fleet is working and review live updates on their job progress. This system and ePOD both fully integrate with the Driver Dashboard app, so you can send jobs, routes, and updates directly to your team.

Having technologies like this in place can be a game-changer when you are pushed for time, the customer demand is high, and the pressure to get as much work in as possible is on.

However, telematics is all about making your fleet operate more efficiently, saving time, and money. So, the initial pain of investing can amount to long-term savings. Helping you to work at your best when it is most needed.

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