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L Lynch Plant Hire and Haulage provide operated self-driver and contracted machinery and vehicles to the construction industry. Their business revolves around HGVs, construction machinery, tippers, and grabbers, with over 140 themselves. Approaching their 40th anniversary in business, the nation-wide company have the experience and industry know-how. However, there is always an opportunity to be more efficient. Particularly with such a large fleet of vehicles to manage.

A Fully Integrated System

L Lynch wanted a fleet management solution to bring the various parts of their business together in one place, highlighting areas where they could improve and getting a closer look at day-to-day operations. After installing an integrated telematics system from Verilocation, L Lynch’s operational efficiency went to the next level, with major improvements to fuel efficiency and driver performance in particular.

‘We found Verilocation a good one-stop-shop solution for us in bringing together a number of areas within our business.’ – Steve Bremner, Head of Transport Services & Compliance

L Lynch’s system includes direct vision sensors, CCTV camera systems, driver performance and behaviour tracking. A large proportion of their business involves transporting heavy construction equipment, vehicles, and materials. So, it was important that their system would first and foremost support their drivers.


Accident & Incident Rates Reduced

A connected camera system can give drivers a 360° view of their vehicle from inside the cab. For drivers to have visibility of their HGV and its contents, they can see their load remains secure for the duration of transit, ensuring they are operating on the right side of compliance and road law too. Camera systems can also assist drivers when manoeuvring or making lane changes, acting as a visual aid. On busy congested roads, this can make all the difference for a driver’s own safety, and other road users.

‘Through using camera systems and telematics, we’ve had a reduction in this last year of about 30% in incident rates, which has been a great benefit to the business.’

Should there be an incident, L Lynch receive an alert via the Verilocation platform; from there, they can pinpoint the exact moment of the incident, and view their driver’s performance. Furthermore, the footage gives management some context of the event.

 Watch our interview with Steve Bremner, Head of Transport Services & Compliance at L Lynch Hire & Plant Haulage, as he talks about the improvements the Verilocation system has brought to the business in the last year alone. 

Savings on Insurance

Additionally, the new system elevated the security for L Lynch’s fleet of vehicles. Now should an incident happen on-site or out on the road, they have video evidence. For drivers and management alike, vehicle CCTV makes all the difference should a claim arise against the company. Also, without footage of the incident, often the responsibility and cost of a claim fall between both parties involved.

Furthermore, a vehicle CCTV system protects drivers and can reduce company insurance costs. L Lynch themselves tallied up a huge reduction in insurance costs, making a saving in excess of £50,000.

Increased Fleet & Fuel Efficiency

L Lynch has also saved through making small, seemingly insignificant adjustments to the everyday. An integrated system allows L Lynch to make informed, data-driven decisions for their business and team. For example, vehicle camera footage and telematics data allow fleet managers to deliver tailored training, focussing on their fleet’s individual needs. Collecting data on things such as excessive revving and speeding can encourage drivers to adopt better driving styles, and as a welcome consequence, save fuel and lower vehicle emissions.

‘We’re looking at approximately between £20,000 and £21,000 per quarter saving on fuel, which is great for the business and great for the environment.’


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