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KBC Logistics are an Essex based container transport specialists covering the East and South of England from their three port-based depots. Since opening in 2008, the company has substantially grown to a fleet with over 150 vehicles and 300 trailers. For greater insight into their fleet operations, they needed an all-in-one business management solution.

The Challenge

With over 300 trailers in operation around the UK, KBC Logistics faced a common industry struggle; the accidental misplacement of trailers during the company’s ‘drop and swap’ operations. On top of this, the transport team also experienced day-to-day operational issues, such as difficulty locating trailers for routine fleet maintenance.

This led KBC to search for a solution that could optimize and streamline their trailer operations and increase savings across their fleet of vehicles. Implementing such a solution would also increase their visibility into what was happening out on the roads.


The Solution

The Verilocation ‘all-in-one’ solution allowed KBC Logistics to more efficiently manage their fleet from all angles. They now track their trailers whereabouts in real-time from one web-based platform.  The platform also provides insight into driver performance, so KBC can improve their overall fleet safety and increase fuel savings fleet-wide.

Dave Ashford, Transport Director and Compliance Manager at KBC Logistics commented; “We were immediately impressed by the efficiency of the Verilocation platform – from its competitive pricing and simple ‘plug and play’ installation, to its user-friendly interface. In addition, the Connexas team is always on hand should we have any questions.”

As well as installing Verilocation’s trailer tracking and driver performance solution, KBC Logistics has also implemented remote tachograph downloads. Now they can maintain fleet compliance effortlessly, with automated remote tacho downloads and warnings for upcoming tachograph infringements.


The Results

Since implementing the new telematics system in March 2019, KBC Logistics has seen an immediate return on investment (ROI).

“Being in the right place at the right time is an essential part of our delivery-based business model and the Verilocation platform gives us the visibility needed to make changes in order to enhance our services and reliability for customers. It also means we are better equipped to optimize and maintain our fleet of vehicles and trailers.”

The benefits for KBC Logistics haven’t stopped there; Verilocation’s real-time trailer tracking feature has already enabled the company to track and recover two misplaced trailers from ‘drop and swap’ operations, resulting in a saving of £30,000. Overall, the implementation of Verilocation’s ‘all-in-one’ fleet management solution has helped KBC Logistics monitor their fleet’s performance, locate their trailers, and improve customer service.

Find out how the Connexas ‘all-in-one’ solution increases your fleets savings and get in touch today.

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