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EH Smith are the UK’s largest independent builders’ merchants operating nationwide with over 95 years’ experience in the construction industry. Based across 11 depots in the Midlands and South East, EH Smith have grown to a mixed fleet of over 70 vehicles.

The Challenge

After enjoying the benefits of vehicle tracking for several years, EH Smith were looking for a new fleet management solution that would improve their driver workloads, improve their customer service and ultimately reduce fuel consumption.

The Solution

After trialling a few solutions, they found Connexas’ Verilocation platform to be the best fit for EH Smith.

Chris Paul, Transport Compliance Manager

“After trialling different market offerings it became clear that Connexas best fit our business’ needs. Over the years our company has evolved, and we found ourselves needing a more in-depth understanding of how we are utilising the fleet. Therefore, we were looking for a solution that could give us the level of insight that we needed; from fuel usage, to driving data, and idling (PTO).”

Chris Paul, Transport Compliance Manager

“The Verilocation platform gives us all the information on a platform that is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and seems familiar even to a new user. The flexibility of the product means that if you only want to look at the map to find a vehicle, then you can do that, but the Verilocation platform also allows each user to drill down to the level of detail they need.”

The Verilocation platform provides EH Smith with vehicle tracking, driver performance, remote tacho download and trailer tracking, all from a single user-friendly platform.

The Results

Since implementing the solution in 2018, EH Smith have improved their driver performance and fuel usage.

Chris Paul, Transport Compliance Manager

“After installation, we sat down with the Connexas Business Improvement Team to see where we should be improving. From the Driver Toolbox Talks to the one-on-one driver training, we saw instant improvements in driver performance and fuel usage. Through our combined use of telematics and driver training, we saw an initial reduction of fuel usage by 14.3% and our driver’s performance scores improved by 4.5%.”

The benefits for EH Smith haven’t stopped there; Verilocation’s remote tacho download solution enables the company to remain compliant and proactive. All the driver tacho information is sent directly to their tacho analysis providers, saving them time and maintaining tacho compliance.

Chris Paul, Transport Compliance Manager

“Going forward we want to further our relationship with Connexas. We enjoy working closely with our account manager and feel that we really benefit from the strong communication between our two companies.”

Chris Paul, Transport Compliance Manager

“Everybody is so accessible, from weekly check-ins with our dedicated account manager, to working quickly to solve any queries or issues we are having. It is great to work with such a people-centric company.”

Find out how the Connexas ‘all-in-one’ solution can increase your fleet savings get in touch today.

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