ePOD Signature and Photo Capture Functionality Added in Latest Update of Driver Dashboard Application v2.0


POD signature capture


Vehicle tracking and telematics specialists VeriLocation reveal added ePOD functionality in their latest fleet management application update, Driver Dashboard 2.0. This latest update is the first in a series to be released over the next coming months. Future updates will see the integration of PTO/temperature sensor information, Tachograph hours and external camera feeds.


The Driver Dashboard application utilises the latest in Android technology to provide users with a combined fleet management solution, enabling full connectivity between the transport office, the driver and the vehicle. Combining mandatory VOSA vehicle checks, GPS tracking, driver identification, two-way messaging, job-push with integrated satellite navigation, ePOD with signature capture and real-time CANbus driving performance feedback into one powerful application, the Driver Dashboard can be installed onto any Android tablet or smartphone for use as an in-cab or handheld fleet management device.

Andrew Overton, Managing Director of VeriLocation explained, “All-in-one combined fleet telematics solutions such as the Driver Dashboard are the future of our industry.”

“In such a saturated market, being able to offer fleets just one streamlined and cost-effective solution, which can be tailored to their specific requirements, is very powerful.”

The most innovative feature of the Driver Dashboard is its ability to display accurate real-time driving performance feedback in the form of easy to interpret efficiency scores, enabling the drivers to quickly understand the difference between good and bad driving performance and improve the efficiency and safety of their driving style. At the end of their shift, the driver can also compare their overall daily scores alongside those from their previous seven shifts as well as against their peer’s daily scores in the in-app Driver League Table.


Daily and weekly achievements (such as ‘King/Queen of the Road’) are awarded to those who rank top out of their fleet. Companies may see fit to use this data (also accessible in VeriLocation’s web-based Reporting Suite) to provide weekly/monthly bonuses to consistent high rankers or improver’s.

With seamless integration of the Driver Dashboard into VeriLocation’s online telematics interface, Transport Managers are able to offer enhanced customer service with the ability to track the status of all jobs in real-time via the live Job Dashboard. Upon completion of each job, the POD details (time of arrival, job details, signature capture and photos) are streamed to the web-account where they can be verified and processed for instant invoicing.

VeriLocation’s vision for the Dashboard is to streamline the offering for in-cab telematics/navigation solutions and provide fleets with one cost-effective fleet management solution which will see immediate and long-lasting ROI through lowered fuel costs, improved driver safety and greater workforce productivity.

View the full demo video below to discover the Driver Dashboard’s full capability >>>>



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