Discover greater fleet efficiencies with
VeriLocation’s vehicle tracking.

Vehicle Tracking

With VeriLocation’s web-based GPS/GSM vehicle tracking system, you can have full access to your fleet at all times, where ever you are. Our innovative tracking systems will change the way your business runs from day one of installation, from improved customer service and workforce productivity to lower fleet running costs, your operations will be optimised on every level.

Trailer Tracking

VeriLocation can provide a wired and wireless trailer tracking solution with covert placement of the GPS units to allow you to keep track of your valuable assets at all times and ensure maximum utilisation of your fleet.


Personal Tracking

Ensure the safety and productivity of your lone working employees and benefit from a cost-effective tracking solution with VeriLocation’s Personal Tracking applications.


Full Fleet Visibility

Real-time vehicle  tracking straight to your web-based account provides you with live location updates and vehicle telemetry, allowing you to respond quickly and efficiently to your customers and proactively manage your work-force.


Reduced Fuel & Overtime Costs

By tracking your fleet you can ensure they are working to their greatest potential at all times, by guaranteeing that they are travelling the shortest and quickest routes with our route optimisation software and ensuring no unauthorised vehicle usage and overtime will occur again. And with less miles driven you are well on your way to guaranteeing a greener fleet with reduced emissions. Also find out how our CANbus Driver Behaviour Feedback systems can help to reduce your fleet’s mpg.

Increased Productivity & Efficiency

Monitoring the time spent at and in-between jobs with VeriLocation’s vehicle tracking system allows you to see where changes need to be made. Cut unnecessary time wasting and boost the efficiency of your workforce. Our reporting suite also eliminates the hassle of collating things such as time sheets, mileage and business expenses, etc.

Improved Customer Service

Improved Customer Service

Efficiently book in jobs for within minutes with up-to-date vehicle locations, and ensure quick call outs by sending only those within the closet proximity. And with real-time traffic updates, proactively engage with your customers with accurate ETAs.



Our geofencing system can be utilised for a multitude of purposes, from quick and easy filtering through reports to find out if a customer’s site was visited, to sending an SMS or email alert if an employee has used a company vehicle outside of working hours.


Secure Data Storage

We store your historic data on our secure servers for up to three years, meaning that you have full access to all your vehicle history at any time. This data can be used for a mutli

Driver Safety

Monitor excessive speeding and harsh driving behaviour with GPS telemetry and on-board accelerometers to ensure your staff are safe out on the roads and your insurance premiums are lowered. We also offer a full range of witness cameras for 360o interior and exterior viewing of the vehicle to monitor dangerous driving behaviour and to act as a witness to any incidents.