A fully integrated Transport Management System
for optimised fleet operations.

Order Processing

Maximise the efficiency of your fleet operations with VeriLocation’s comprehensive Job Management interface. With our partnered software specialists OBS, Stirling Solutions and Dataset, we are able to offer a fully integrated Transport Management System to allow you to control and optimise your everyday business and fleet operations. Enter and process jobs and routes with ease through the web-based Silverlight module with previously saved customer depots and regular routes for task streamlining. The system automatically works out the most efficient route for each job using the inbuilt Route Optimisation software culminating in a fully planned route with exact distance and durations for each job.

Resource Optimisation

Stay in control of your dynamic fleet operations and optimise your resources with real-time GPS vehicle or mobile tracking and job status updates. Impress your customers and improve staff productivity with instantaneous job processing and quick response times using our live map and address search module to allocate the closest member of your workforce.


Job Allocation

Once you have your planned route, simply drag and drop your chosen driver, vehicle and trailer on top of the route to assign them to the job. It really couldn’t be any easier. And with VeriLocation’s integrated Garmin-Job Push software, with one click you can send the job straight to your driver’s Garmin where it will upload the pre-determined route, along with an ETA and any notes they may require.



Real-time Job Status Tracking

Track the status of your jobs in real-time either via the live map or on the Transport Management System page. Jobs are colour coded as to their status (late, on time or early) and automatically update to ‘complete’ as the customer’s Geofence has been reached. With live traffic updates you can provide proactive customer service with real-time ETA changes and compare actual vs. plan.

Two Way Messaging

With integrated two-way messaging capabilities you can send and receive instant messages to the Garmin from the Silverlight web-based account, improving safety and reducing communication costs.


POD & Audit Trail

Provide your customers with a complete audit trail with on-site proof of delivery using our Android application and vehicle journey records showing exact times of arrival and departure. With instantaneous transmission back to the Silverlight site, you can process and invoice the customer as soon as the job has been completed. This application also includes photo capture capabilities for any onsite problems that may occur, e.g. depot gates locked.

Back Office Automisation

This one-stop solution for fleet management has the capability to automate many previously manual daily tasks, including job entry, route planning and invoicing (third party software integration capabilities, such as Sage Accounts) to streamline your operations and improve the efficiency of your business. There is no longer the need to waste hours filling in paper forms, such as timesheets or activity forms; our full suite of comprehensive reports can perform these tasks for you.