Monitor the status of your temperature
sensitive deliveries in real-time.

Temperature Monitoring

Ensure your temperature sensitive goods are maintained and delivered within the correct conditions with VeriLocation’s on board GPS/GSM vehicle tracking devices (battery powered versions also available) and wired or wireless temperature monitoring solutions. You can monitor the status of your temperature sensitive deliveries in real-time, giving you the ability to provide accurate ETA’s to your customers and instantly react to any problems that may arise during the journey.

With the choice of up to 20 wired or wireless temperature probes, we can offer complete fleet flexibility for multi-compartmental fleets. And with a full range of job management solutions, you can have the full picture from start to finish.

Threshold Alerts

Receive immediate alerts via SMS or email when your set temperature thresholds are breached and react instantly to any problems as they occur, ensuring you never lose a temperature sensitive delivery again. Each probe can have its own individual temperature range which can easily be set on the VeriLocation Silverlight account.


Door Opening Alerts

Our PTO door sensors allow you to view the exact moment of door opening and closing events on your graphical reports and data logger print outs. Explains sharp rises or drops in temperature to your customers and shows if doors are being left open too long and goods unattended.

Proof of Delivery

Provide your customers with a full audit trail and temperature log for each journey either with an emailed report using the reporting suite on the VeriLocation Silverlight account, or with a print out from our in-cab data loggers with inbuilt mini printer. This can be signed and dated by the driver and handed over at the point of delivery.