Increase fleet productivity and eliminate tacho infringements with access to real-time tacho data.

Tachograph Interface

Ensure you comply with strict industry legislations such as the VOSA and Working Time Directive and improve the efficiency of your fleet operations with VeriLocation’s wireless tachograph download devices. Our cost effective solutions enable you to access important tachograph information in real-time direct from your computer, without the need to manually download the data first, eliminating the occurrence of accidental driving time infringements.

Increase Fleet Productivity

Our wireless solutions transfer all tachograph data straight to your preferred tacho analysis company and your web account via either GPRS or Bluetooth from anywhere in the world. Without the need to recall your vehicles back to base every two weeks and waste hours downloading the data manually, you can now send your drivers out on more jobs and improve the productivity of the back end of your fleet operations.


Driver Identification

With VeriLocation’s tachograph driver identification solutions there is no longer the need for old school login systems, such as unreliable key fobs. Our systems are able to utilise the pre-existing tachograph unit and driver card for identification purposes. This interface allows the fleet manager to establish who was driving which vehicle during what shift and can therefore be utilised for fleet performance monitoring purposes.



Real-Time Tacho Infringement Warnings

Ensure you and your drivers comply with strict working time regulations with real-time warnings and alerts on the web account and via our app on any Android tablet. With easy to interpret graphical displays your drivers can quickly determine when they need to take their next break and how many hours they have left on their daily, weekly and rolling bi-weekly driving limit.

Digi DL

Get the most out of your fleet with the ability to pre-schedule remote Tachograph download of Vehicle Unit and Driver Card Tachograph data. With secure and encrypted data transfer, your Tachograph information will be sent direct to your Tachograph analysis company and our in-house servers without the need to recall your fleet back to site for manual downloading. This is a versatile solution, compatible with many of the popular Tachograph devices such as Stoneridge and Siemens VDO.


Siemens VDO SmartLink

Using simple Bluetooth technology, this cost effective solution wirelessly transfers Tachograph data in real-time to our secure servers and via TIS-web to your preferred Tachograph analysis supplier. Fleet managers can access real-time Tachograph information on the web account, such as alerts for any infringements and remaining driving hours left for each driver. Smartlink also have a dedicated application which can be used in conjunction with the VeriLocation Driver Dashboard interface to provide drivers with a simple graphical display of their remaining driving hours for that shift and when they must take their next break.