Ensure the safety of your employees with our mobile tracking solutions.

Mobile Workforce Tracking

Keep track of your mobile work force whether they are in their vehicle or out on foot with VeriLocation’s Android and Blackberry personal tracking solution. Using our free to download Personal Tracking app, your mobile workforce can be tracked in real-time from anywhere in the world. With all the benefits of vehicle tracking, you can monitor their exact whereabouts at any time and with historic plots see how long they have been at a job for, allowing you to improve customer service and see where improvements in productivity need to be made.


VeriLocation have harnessed the latest mobile two-way communication technology, NFC, revolutionising the Personal Tracking and Lone Worker Protection market. With current GPS technology, signal strength is more often than not lost when the device enters a building. Using modern NFC technology, contactless user identification and location updates are now possible both inside and out using the brand new purpose built application. Our app turns the Android device into a ‘Reader’, allowing the user to simply swipe their phone over a ‘Tag’ where it will identify the user and the location of the tag and transmit this data in real-time to the web-account using GPRS. This solution could be applicable for many industries, such as security firms, care work, etc.


Lone Worker Protection

Ensure the safety of your lone working employees with VeriLocation’s discreet mobile tracking solutions. Developed in house, our easy to download application for Android and Blackberry devices enables the phone’s inbuilt GPS and accelerometer to provide you with live and historic location and movement information. Even when you are away from a computer, receive Geofence alerts via SMS or email when your employee returns to the office or their home. The application also provides your staff with a built in panic button for discreet alerting in the incident of an emergency or threatening situation. With a dedicated response centre operating 24/7, you can have total peace of mind knowing that immediate assistance will be provided no matter the time of day.



Improved Customer Service

Efficiently book in jobs for within minutes with up-to-date vehicle locations, and ensure quick call outs by sending only those within the closet proximity. And with real-time traffic updates, proactively engage with your customers with accurate ETAs.


Improve Workforce Productivity

Monitoring the time spent at and in-between jobs allows you to see where changes need to be made. Cut time wasting and boost the efficiency of your workforce. Our reporting suite also eliminates the hassle of collating things such as time sheets, mileage and business expenses.

Cost-effective tracking

VeriLocation’s Personal Tracking is a cost-effective solution for tracking your mobile workforce with all the benefits of vehicle tracking. This personal tracking solution has been designed and developed to utilise the inbuilt GPS and accelerometer within any Android or Blackberry phone to track your mobile workforce in real-time, exactly the same as our vehicle tracking devices. With no vehicle or employee downtime, the application can be up and running within minutes, transmitting exact location and movement information direct to your web account.