Monitor and manage how safely your drivers are on the road to reduce premiums and increase efficiency.

Reduced Risk, Reduced Premiums

Using VeriLocation’s intelligent technology customers are now able to effectively identify areas of risk within their fleet and implement appropriate risk management strategies to reduce liabilities and improve their insurance premiums. Our fleet insurance telematics tracking devices are able to highlight incidents of bad or dangerous driving behaviour, such as excessive speeding, over torquing, over acceleration and  harsh braking and cornering, all of which can be seen by insurance providers as potential risk factors. Customers are rewarded with lowered insurance premiums when they demonstrate safer driving behaviour.

OBD Diagnostics

With its compact design, one minute installation time and unrivalled communication platform, the OBD II data logger is the latest fleet insurance telematics diagnostics device to hit the market; providing customers and third party insurers with a simple and non-invasive method to monitor driving behaviour and report vehicle faults. The device also comes with inbuilt crash detection technology.



Informative Telematics Technology

Having worked alongside the insurance industry for many years, our tried and tested range of insurance complementary GPS telematics devices can offer a wealth of information regarding dangerous driving incidents and inefficient driver behaviour using the units GPS tracking technology and on board accelerometer. This comprehensive information could potentially save thousands of pounds a year.


Witness Cameras

Provide indisputable evidence of an accident to your insurance providers with VeriLocation’s new range of witness cameras. From single, forward facing cameras to 360o view, multi-lens devices, our extensive range of safety cameras can be tailored to meet your specific fleet requirements. All come with inbuilt GPS, crash sensor, night vision technology, microphone and mini SD card for play-back purposes.


Towergate Fleetcare

Verilocation have been selected by Towergate Insurance Motor as a preferred provider for their fleet insurance telematics product, ‘Towergate Fleetcare+’. Their Fleetcare+ insurance product has been designed to help clients reduce and manage the risks they face in the world of transport by analysing their telematics data and implementing an appropriate risk management programme. As one of the only insurance providers to offer dedicated Claims Liaison Managers, they will work with you to decrease your fleet’s risk out on the road. Benefits include lowered insurance premiums, increased safety and improved fleet efficiency.