One device. A multitude of applications.
The Driver Dashboard is the complete fleet package.

Telematics Revolutionised

Discover the latest in fleet telematics. Customisable and cost effective, this cutting-edge, all in one solution has the ability to empower your fleet into unprecedented efficiencies. Utilising the latest in Android technology, VeriLocation have designed and developed the ‘Driver Dashboard’. A complete interface connecting the right people to the right information.

Multi-Purpose Solution

One device. A multitude of applications.  Driver Dashboard is the complete fleet package, combining two-way messaging, job-push, integrated satellite navigation, driver behaviour feedback, Tacho updates, vehicle checks and ePOD solutions into one powerful handheld or in-cab device. A complete interface connecting you to your drivers and your drivers to their vehicle via Bluetooth and GPRS tethering solutions for optimised fleet operations.



Android Technology

Designed and developed for the most powerful and popular portable tablets on the market, Driver Dashboard works seamlessly on any Android device. Using Android’s application platform means that the possibilities for future product development are endless. With each app replacing traditional industry standard hardware solutions, discover why more and more customers are turning to this simple fleet solution.


Driver Performance Review

Our most impressive feature yet. Live driver feedback. Encouraging drivers to self-assess their performance & efficiency of their driving behaviour. Being alerted in real-time to the type of incident that signifies a bad driving event, retrains your drivers to become more efficient on the road. With end-of-shift debrief, the Dashboard also allows the drivers to see their overall performance and compare against previous.


Stay Connected

With integrated driver and vehicle recognition capabilities the Driver Dashboard will replace traditional driver identification methods with automatic system recognition of driver-vehicle pairing events. This intelligent technology is not only able to support two-way messaging and job push capabilities but can also communicate important vehicle telemetric data in real-time to the relevant driver, including CANbus performance feedback and remaining Tacho hours. All activity is conveyed to the web-account in real-time and stored indefinitely for future back reference on VeriLocation’s secure data servers.