Realise a more economically & environmentally
efficient fleet through monitoring driver behaviour.

CANbus System

Boost driver performance levels across your fleet and reduce fuel wastage with VeriLocation’s market leading CANbus driver behaviour monitoring technology. With ability to process 20* driving style parameters from the vehicles engine management system you can monitor in real-time individual driving performances and effectively identify areas of improvement to start you on your way towards a more environmentally efficient and economic fleet.

*e.g. MPG, total fuel used, total distance travelled, idling time, over revving, harsh braking, time in cruise control, CO2 emissions

Monitoring Driver Behaviour / Performance

Monitoring the individual performance of your drivers can result in a number of benefits for your fleet. Accountability of their performance will make your drivers aware of their driving behaviour whilst out on the road, resulting in a more economically and environmentally efficient fleet with fewer road accidents and reduced insurance premiums (view how our Fleetcare+ product with insurance providers Towergate can help you reduce your insurance premiums through driver performance monitoring).



Driver Benchmarks & Training

With our user-friendly and extensive reporting suite fleet managers can effectively identify areas of improvement and set targetable benchmarks for their drivers to aim for. Those that show consistently low performance can be offered retraining where necessary. However, just making drivers aware of how they perform results in massive savings throughout the year.


Increased MPG

Through monitoring each of the parameters that determine ‘Driving Behaviour’ and providing feedback on a regular basis you can ensure your driver’s understand where they need to improve. Aggressive driving (seen as harsh braking/accelerating and over revving, for example) leads to increased fuel usage and CO2 emissions. By retraining your drivers you can improve your fleets overall MPG leading to the potential savings of thousands of pounds a year in wasted fuel.

Green Fleet

Become a leaner and greener fleet with VeriLocation’s driver behaviour technology. Eliminate bad driving habits to not only reduce your fleet’s overall CO2 emissions but also save on unnecessary wasted fuel costs. It’s a win-win situation.


Driver Safety

Monitoring excessive speeding and harsh driving behaviour has been proven to make drivers more aware of how safe they are out on the road, reducing the amount of accidents that occur throughout the year. For those of our customers with the CANbus system, we are able to offer the ability to lower their insurance premiums with our partnered insurance providers Towergate. Also see our full range of witness cameras for 360o interior and exterior viewing of the vehicle to monitor dangerous driving behaviour and to act as a witness to any incidents.